Take the risk or you will lose the chance.

Sell our sunglasses online without any risk. Our dropshipping service is free and you pay only when you sell. This is a fast service and you can sell sunglasses without having them physically in stock! All you have to do is forward your orders to our orderemail and we will send the products directly to your customers.

Import our products to your store

Using our CSV file or import the products manually.

Customers buy in your store

Your customers place orders immediately in your store.

You send the orders to us

As soon as your customer makes a purchase, you send the order to us for processing.

Fast shipping

Von vilo receives the order and send the package to your customer immediately, anonymously!

Sign Up Today & Start selling sunglasses.

Email us for request. We ask you to fill in the form correctly and in detail. If the form is filled in carelessly, the process takes longer and your request risks being denied. In order to sell with dropshipping, you need to have an e-commerce store. If you want to become our reseller and sell in your physical store, you need to buy products in stock. It also works well, please describe this in the form.